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Axelum Resources Corporation (ARC) based in the Philippines, is one of the biggest manufacturers of coconut products in the world today! ARC has been supplying coconut products into the Australian and New Zealand Food Manufacturing markets for over thirty years. As a result of the huge demand for our products in Australia & New Zealand, we started up Fiesta Ingredients Australia Pty Ltd (FIA) in 2004 to work more closely with local food manufacturing and to ensure our customers enjoyed quality products delivered with consistent supply.

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"Quality assurance is our thing. We know it in and out."

We aim for sustainability in everything that we do, which is why we use coconuts in their entirety to eliminate wastage and preserve the environment they’re grown in.


Our produce is grown with love in the sunny Philippines where the right tropical climate and a passion for quality harvesting, yields a sweet, fresh, nutty flavour and a nutrient dense coconut. That’s what makes our coconuts a lovely bunch, that and the people who care for them.

We’re backed by a strong network of farmers and a workforce who are passionate about, well, coconuts – so, it’s important to us to give back. We empower the community by offering scholarships, mentorship and growth programs, amongst other people-first initiatives from farming to building their operations.

So, you can safely say that coconuts are our thing … and we pride ourselves on that very sentiment. You only need to taste a freshly cracked coconut to know the Fiesta difference – ours is that true coconutty flavour, offered in bountiful supply, neatly packaged in a range of products, for you.


Coconuts are our business. Let them help you grow yours.

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